Good old-fashioned honesty valued


I have lost my Toshiba Satellite A200 Laptop, a more than four years old computer. It stored many of my memories; photos, conversations, e-letters, and data of my far away relatives and grandparents.

The computer laptop was lost March 28, a Monday, in the afternoon around 1 to 2 p.m., in the area of 272 Street and Fraser Highway. The laptop has my name “X U E W E I” in stickers attached to the cover under the Toshiba logo.

I am offering a reward of $1,000 for its return, no questions asked. My cell phone number is 778-321-0913, my email address is and I am currently living in Langley-Aldergrove.

I am not a rich teenager, I work everyday, many hours to earn my own money. but some people would spent many dollars to buy back their memories of their family.

My English writing is no good, and I haven’t graduated my grade 12. Sorry for any English language errors. I couldn’t think of anything I can do to find my laptop beside asking local newspaper company to sent out my appeal.

It’s been few days and I began to get depressed more and more. I am in Canada more than 10 years now. The elderly always said back then that they can keep their house door wide open without worries, but nowadays, society’s changed. I still hope Canadians have a good heart and do the good thing.

Xue Wei (Jason), Aldergrove