Good Samaritan appreciated

Sometimes it's just nice to hear a Good Samaritan story.


Sometimes it’s just nice to hear a Good Samaritan story.

On Sunday evening, I was headed to my neighbour’s house across the street to help them install a new TV set. They invited me to have dinner as a token of appreciation. Before going to their home I decided to stop by the beer and wine store next to the Fox and Hounds Pub to pick up some wine to share at dinner.

Unknowingly I had dropped my wallet as I was getting into my car.

A couple of hours later, another neighbour down the street knocked on the door with my wallet. As it turned out, someone had picked it up outside the liquor store, looked at the address on my identification, and went out of their way to deliver the wallet back to me in person. I wasn’t at home.

They didn’t give up there, they went to another neighbour, hoping that someone would know me and be able to return it to me.

There are truly good and honest people out there, and this act of consideration was done anonymously so even though I would like to thank them for this, can’t, but it’s kind of restored my faith in human nature.

Greg Ruddell, Aldergrove