Hazards not high priority for Township


I’d like to thank Township council for taking up the issue of traffic lights at 256 Street and the Fraser Highway, and also Black Press reporter Natasha Jones for her detailed accounts.

It’s no surprise that staff recommended council take no immediate action, since the Township has many pressing demands on its budget that rate a much higher profile than traffic lights at a road junction that hosts no commercial operations.

What is surprising is that it was on May 9 that council asked staff to complete within one month a detailed report on the intersection, yet on May 30 it received a report that actually predated the May 9 meeting. The “detailed analysis” council was given was based on a one-day study conducted over seven hours on Wednesday, April 13. The Canucks were playing the Chicago Blackhawks that day, too.

Never mind. Thanks again to a council that is always willing to listen and to expert council staff that have pledged to monitor the issue. Meantime, those of us who use 256 Street and would like to lower the likelihood of a nasty accident will continue to avoid this intersection if we can.

Janet Ingram-Johnson, Aldergrove