HST not a benefit to small businesses


I have been having many conversations recently with members of the public about the HST and one point keeps coming up again and again. People with small businesses that have customers outside Canada are pleased with the HST, which does appear to benefit them. I understand that, but caution them to think of the bigger picture and of the long term destiny of B.C. and its people.

The HST was pushed on B.C. by the federal government because it helps the giant multi-national corporations that now control the world economy. This trend towards internationalism and corporate control is not a good thing for B.C. because it robs us of any say in our financial destiny. All Canadians are increasingly becoming pawns in an international web of trade and corporatism subject only to the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and similar multi-national organizations guiding this ship of greed. Our HST will become part of the scheme to reward multinational corporations and encourage their encroachment on our economy.

Fortunately, B.C.’s economy (at the moment) is still dominated by small business, mostly service businesses, and it is small business that provides jobs for almost all our people.  B.C.’s move to the HST is a giant step in handing over Canada to corporate control of all aspects of our lives.

Yes, some small businesses that have foreign customers will gain for the moment but how much longer before they too are taken over by some larger interest and the jobs they proudly boast of are lost to Mexico or some third world country where workers will work for much less. Look at the future of our country and beware.

Eileen Spencer, Aldergrove