Keep bandits in check


Mr. Bysouth, as a Conservative supporter, is eager to give Mr. Harper full credit for Canada’s enviable financial status (Star letters, April 21, “Canada is in good shape, so keep it up”).

The facts stand but the interpretation is much more political. Canada’s economy is strong, certainly in comparison with the USA and many European countries, because Canada is a net exporter of oil, while they are all importers. Canada also resisted the neo-conservative move to treat mortgages as a speculative investment that severely damaged both the American and British economies. This too was something that preceded Emperor Harper’s ascension to Canada’s “throne”.

Mr. Bysouth would like Canada to now pay down the huge deficit that his party greatly increased over the last three years, although the savings in (very low) interest payments will be dwarfed by the massive tax breaks the Conservatives wish to give to their very profitable friends in the big banks and to the giant oil and gas companies.

The reality, as we saw with the BC Liberals over the last 10 years, is that any new revenues will be generated off the backs of ordinary citizens.

Voters beware! Giving our rulers a majority will be disastrous; minorities keep all of these bandits in check.

Dr. H. Spencer, Aldergrove