LETTER: Cats can be such a wonderful addition to a family

LETTER: Cats can be such a wonderful addition to a family

Following seizure of animals from a Langley ‘rescue’, letter writer asks pet owners to be responsible

Dear Editor,

[Re: 20 more animals seized from ‘animal rescue, Langley Advance Times, Jan.22]

It’s so bitterly ironic that the BC SPCA had to rescue these precious animals from an “animal rescue,” and many dozens of them over the years.

Although I get heavy hearted by the suffering of other helpless animals, it’s the needless suffering by cats, in particular, through cruel callous disregard (if not contempt) exhibited by both individual people and the collective community (e.g. owners moving but leaving their pets behind to fend for themselves in brutal conditions, and the local governments who refuse to properly humanely address the often-staggering numbers of these distressed sentient beings).

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Worse, I grew up knowing a few cat-haters willing to procure sick satisfaction from torturing to death those naively-trusting thus likely sweet-natured cats whose owners had recklessly allowed them to wander the neighbourhood at night. (And I doubt their reptilian vertical slit pupils and Hollywood-cliche defensive fanged hisses help their cause.)

As an adult, I noticed that people who said they were ‘not an animal person’ held a particular dislike for cats, regardless of their incapacity (unlike humans) for committing vicious acts out of plain malice.

I, now 52, believe that along with human intelligence comes the proportionate reprehensible potential for evil behaviour, simply for its sake.

All of the above might reflect on why feral-cat trap/neuter/release programs, regardless of their documented success in reducing needless suffering, are typically underfunded by governments as well as private donors.

There are staggering numbers of these distressed souls in some B.C. municipalities, notably in Surrey.

But could there also be a subconscious human perception that the value of such life (if not even human life in regularly war-torn or overpopulated famine-stricken global regions) is reflected by the life overabundance and the protracted conditions under which it suffers?

I fear a possible presumption of feline disposability, i.e. “there is a lot more whence they came.”

Only when overpopulation of unwanted feral/stray cats is greatly reduced in number by responsible owners consistently spaying/neutering their felines, will this beautiful animal’s presence be truly appreciated – especially for the symbiotic-like healthy relationships (contrary to common misinformation) they offer their loving owners.

Frank Sterle Jr., White Rock

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