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LETTER: Give Cloverdale-Langley City’s new MP a chance to show what she can do

A letter writer defneds Tamara Jansen and her history in the community

Dear Editor,

No worry to know if Tamara Jansen MP of Cloverdale-Langley City will be hiding in the shadows, Rob Bittner [Not a peep from Cloverdale-Langley City MP since election,, Nov. 8].

Mrs. Jansen is not a racist, and she does not discriminate against anyone. She is a successful business owner has decided rather unselfishly to take time away from her family , and impart her wisdom to small business owners and see the flourish, she cares about seniors, and young adults who dream of a better future.

Tamara Jansen proved she can go the distance when she defeated outgoing John Aldag.

Let’s give her a chance and see what she can do for our community.

Laura Jacobsen, Langley