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Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

LETTER: Langley City math too costly for residents

Tax increase is too much when so many people are struggling financially, letter writer argues

Dear Editor,

Re: [City tax hike gets approval, Langley Advance Times, March 10]

Notwithstanding the pleas of Mayor Val van den Broek, and Councillors Gayle Martin and Rudy Storteboom, City council has decided to further burden the owners of single family homes with a tax increase of $349 part of which is to fund an environmental Sustainability coordinato at a cost of $127,500.

The tax rate for all residential properties cannot be differentiated because the province dictates the formula by which taxes are levied. The assessment of single family homes in the City increased by 38 per cent and in multi-family homes by 19 per cent. The result is the average single family home is saddled with a $349.99 increase and the average multi-family will have a decrease in taxes.

Councillor Pachal stated: “the longer we wait, the more it’s going to cost.” Taking that thinking to its ultimate conclusion one could argue that we should upgrade all roads and services now, because it will cost more to do so in the future.

Councillor Albrecht stated that the coordinator will add just $10 more to the average tax bill. Councilor Albrecht lives in a condo and might well see a decrease in his taxes. Both Councillors Albrecht and Pachal are well employed. Ten dollars is inconsequential to their lifestyle. But when you die from a thousand cuts, how do you know which cut killed you?

Media reported on March 12 that one third of B.C families are struggling to pay for higher food prices. I would appeal to Councillors James and Wallace to think of those families who are struggling and vote against this increase in taxes.

Aubrey Searle, Murrayville


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