Langley Township continues to add EV chargers at its facilities. (Township file photo)

Langley Township continues to add EV chargers at its facilities. (Township file photo)

LETTER: Langley EV user says charging infrastructure will come

There was a time when there were no gas stations for internal combustion engine cars, writer notes

Dear Editor,

[Re: Opinion: EV charging a good fix, Langley Advance Times, May 27] and [Re: Murrayville gets electrict chargers, Langley Advance Times, May 27]

After seeing two news articles in last week’s paper it is great to see increasing public interest in electric vehicles coming on.

Even though at roughly 8 per cent Canada is way behind for example Norway which leads the world at 85 per cent new car sales this year.

For public information most of the new chargers we are seeing are for most vehicles excluding Tesla. They are not compatible with the J1772 style plugs which are the industry standard and why Tesla has created their own proprietary network.

But comparing the infrastructure to ice [internal combustion engine] vehicles we see that without the supporting infrastructure of roads and gas stations Henry Ford would have never got the Model A off the ground. Or the railroad before that. And look how long those investments have been paying off.

Another item of note is one gas pump does one sale approximately every five minutes, 12 per hour or maybe 100 or so per day, which means on a per capita basis a single pump can supply approximately 500 cars per week.

While most electric cars on the other hand will have a charger at home possibly another at work and hopefully others at other regular stops. This represents an entirely new economy of grid re-configuration to handle the increased loads, local electrical contractor jobs installing chargers everywhere, and increased mining investment opportunity in copper, cobalt, nickel, lithium, and bauxite for virgin aluminum not recycled beer cans.

Soon this will become a non story as it is destined to become our new normal. It’s where I’ve been for the last 11 years. Come join us. Please.

Danny Halmo, Langley City


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