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LETTER: Langley man remembers being a teen when Second Narrows Bridge collapsed in 1958

Local man used to delivery newspaper to one of the workers who survived the disaster

Dear Editor,

[Re: He still attends memorial, Langley Advance Times, June 26]

I read your article on the then called Second Narrows Bridge with fascination and memories of the collapse [in 1958].

I was 13 at the time and recall it very well. At that age I was delivering the Columbian newspaper in Burnaby on Cariboo Road.

One of my customers was also on the bridge and fell into the water. According to his story, it was incredibly frightening.

He received many broken bones in his shoulder and one arm. I would see him at each months end to collect payment for delivery.

He told me many stories of his experience on the bridge and fellow co-workers. It was many months before he could return to work.

Sorry to hear that Lou Lessard is the last survivor. It would be quite an experience to chat with him.

Many thanks again for the article.
Rick Bentley, Murrayville