FILE - In this March 19, 2021, file photo, flowers, candles and signs are displayed at a makeshift memorial in Atlanta, following a shooting. The murder case against Robert Aaron Long, a white man accused of shooting and killing six women of Asian descent and two other people at Atlanta-area massage businesses, could become the first big test for Georgia’s new hate crimes law. (AP Photo/Candice Choi, File)

LETTER: Langley woman critical of media over Atlanta spa shootings

Letter writer asks if two of eight women fatally shot were white, how can the shootings be racist?

Dear Editor,

It is outrageous when our mainstream news media takes liberties with the truth in order to skew public thinking towards a certain narrative.

When I watched Global News, and their coverage of the tragic shooting in Atlanta, I was disgusted with their blatant ignoring of certain facts.

The lead investigator who interviewed the shooter did a press conference where he stated that the perpetrator indicated the motivation for this crime was a sexual addiction, not a hate crime against Asians, as the media is trying to portray.

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It was blatantly obvious during that interview that the media’s questioning was trying to make it into a racial issue, but the information that is known so far, indicates it was not; yet the mainstream news media seems unwilling to accept those facts.

There were eight people killed and while six were of Asian descent, two were white. If this crime was racially motivated, why were two white people killed?

To fan the flames of racial hatred where none exists is divisive to a society and creates conflict where none should exist. Shame on Global News and any other media outlet that is pushing this narrative and not fully reporting on all of the facts as presented by those charged with the job of actually investigating the facts of this tragic case.

Arlene Laing, Walnut Grove


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