LETTER: No sympathy for social conservatives

Dear Editor,

Social conservatives love playing the persecuted victim as attested to by the recent letter by David Nielsen [Langley letter writer agrees to disagree on medically assisted dying, Feb. 18, Advance Times].

No one is asking you to be involved with Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), David.

You are free to voice your opposition to MAiD any time you like.

But, you are also free to take the rebuke that you court, which you mistakenly believe makes you special.

As for “honouring” those medical professionals who refuse to take part in MAiD, I am less then charitable.

They are sworn to do no harm yet by refusing to participate in MAiD they are harming those poor individuals who have decided that enough is enough.

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Either do the job that you were hired for or quit, simple as that.

Would we tolerate medical people who refuse to allow blood transfusions? I know that I wouldn’t.

What does it mean to be proud of being a social conservative, as David Nielsen claims to be?

I really don’t see much to be proud of.

Social conservativism is classified as low effort thinking, usually based on biblical interpretations.

For social conservatists there are no shades of grey – only black and white.

I see little difference between social conservatism and living in a cult. Both demand conformity and unquestioning loyalty.

To put it mildly, I have no more respect for biblical interpretations then I do for the interpretations of a Voodoo priestess throwing her chicken bones on the ground and divining what they mean.

Biblical scripture is a terrible thing to base one’s world view on, as it is based on the ignorance and misogyny of the men who created their God in their own image and who wrote the Bible with no knowledge of science or how the natural world worked.

What has social conservatism done for the world?

Who, other than Bible thumpers from the pulpit, argued more strongly against women getting the vote, or even being declared as fully human before the law?

No one.

Who argued for slavery more strongly then White Southern Baptists because their Bible told them that God approved of that vile practice?

Or should social conservatist be proud of scripture that is the root cause of anti-Semitism in society?

Hardly, but all this and more is what you get under the heading of social conservatism.

While I have a lot of problems with the far left and political correctness, I have nothing but contempt for the damage that social conservatism has done in society already.

We get one life to experience so why blind yourself to all the possibilities in life simply because of archaic scripture, which was designed to suck the joy out of living?

Robert T. Rock, Mission


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