Peace Arch border crossing. (Black Press Media files)

Peace Arch border crossing. (Black Press Media files)

LETTER: Please enforce border restrictions and keep Canada safe

Is border services doing its job, keeping Americans and COVID south of the 49th Parallel?

Dear Editor,

[RE: How do we halt U.S. travellers from heading north?, July 18, Langley Advance Times]

A letter shared with Canada Border Services Agency:

I am writing to you to report a Kentucky licence plate I saw on July 20, in Keremeos, B.C.

If this is a truly legitimate American vehicle in Canada, I will accept that incident only on explanation from the Canada Border Service Agency.

If going through to Alaska, this vehicle certainly is a long way off course.

As Canadians, we are barred from entering the U.S., even if property owners.

For heavens’ sake, we cannot even fly to P.E.I. [Prince Edward Island] unless we have a home there.

Please, please restore Canadians trust in the border services agency by enforcing the border rules and keeping Canadians COVID safe.

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This is not a time to put politics before safety.

I am not alone in noticing this breach of U.S./Canada Border crossing.

See inserted, a hard copy of Janet Shaw’s letter to the editor of the Langley Advance Times.

I have more examples. Please ensure you do not lose the trust and respect of Canadians, because we have lost trust and respect in the American system to keep their citizens safe.

I am sending a copy of this letter to the editor of the Advance Times to support how serious this issue is to Canadians and to encourage others to send their concerns directly to the border services in Victoria.

Elly Morgan, Langley

MA ABS (Master’s of Arts, in Applied Behavioural Sciences)

Retired faculty from Kwantlen Polytechnic University

I only add my credentials to let you know that we are thoughtful intelligent people reporting concerns.


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