No ‘break’ for RV owners

Said owners, like myself, who exercised all due diligence prior to the purchase of their RVs, are still subject to enforcement action


As a past contributor, and as a strong advocate for RV owners, it was with great interest that I read the article ‘A break for RV owners’ (July 22). While I thank the council for this action, it is by no means a “break” for RV owners.

Said owners, like myself, who exercised all due diligence prior to the purchase of their RVs, are still subject to enforcement action as a result of the Township’s stubborn, and in my mind, illegal (if not immoral) unwillingness to recognize the “grandfather” rights afforded these people by paragraph 911 of the Local Government Act.

Further, it was identified by a report to council in 2007 that the parking of recreational vehicles in driveways leads to an increase in demand for on-street parking. This was the reason for the bylaw in the first place.

It seems odd to me that its OK to have a parking problem during the summer months, but not winter.

With respect to the parking problem identified in the 2007 report, which referred to complaints regarding the increased demand for on street parking, my Freedom of Information requests found that, in fact, there were no documented cases of said complaints.

In summary, as I have previously stated (in previous letters), a bylaw was created, to solve a problem, for which no documentation exists.

In the fall of 2013, bylaw enforcement was very quick to issue tickets in my immediate neighbourhood after the Sept. 15 deadline, yet once again they were very selective despite their new policy which reads: “Enforcement action is taken only  …  When a recreational vehicle is parked in the front yard in an “R” or single family residential “CD” zone between Sept. 16 and May 14.”

Despite this policy, there were three non-compliances in my immediate vicinity that were untouched by bylaw enforcement. And north of 27 Avenue in Aldergrove seems to be a bylaw enforcement-free zone.

Council created its own parking problems with the disaster known as Willoughby, where I can see the need for a bylaw such as this. Said council was willing to entertain a specific bylaw with respect to a specific area with respect to tree-cutting issues in Brookswood.

If this area of Langley is entitled to special consideration, then it is time to address the RV issue in the same manner. In other words, if there is a problem in a certain area, then deal with that area, and that area only.

It was my action in May of 2013 that lead to the development of the current policy. Normally, at most levels of government, when new polices, procedures and or regulations are being promulgated, there is time allotted for research, development, notice to affected stakeholders, and consultation with all who may have a concern.

Regrettably, there were no notices or consultation from any member of Township staff with myself or anyone who may represent RV owners. I was shocked to see the new policy published, with no advance communication from the Township.

Once again, while I thank council for this measure, please now go the extra distance, do the research, find out what the real problems are and address them accordingly, rather than making us all suffer due to the poor decisions made by others.

Al Balogh, Aldergrove