LETTER: Likely too late to address ripple effects of new Highway #1 interchange

Connection with the freeway at 216th Street is going to dump traffic problems into Langley

  • Jul 19, 2020

LETTER: Racial slurs are not jokes, let’s be clear

Writer reacts to story about a racist comment made by one Langley student to another

  • Jul 19, 2020

GREEN BEAT: Five ‘big moves’ would allow Langley to lead boldly

COVID gives us time to reflect on how each of us can do better for the environment and our future

  • Jul 19, 2020
COVID-19 vaccine candidates encouraging, but no 'silver bullet'
ON THE STUMP: For some, B.C.'s forest industry is the best office in the world
Most Alberta students to wear masks this fall
Edmonton hopes for hub-city benefits

LETTER: Opposed to taxpayers funding religious schools

If parents want a child educated on religion, that should be left up to them to pay for it – readers

  • Jul 19, 2020

LETTER: How do we halt U.S. travellers from heading north?

Is enough really being done to keep resident of the States, and the COVID virus, out of B.C.?

  • Jul 18, 2020

LETTER: TransLink still obsessed with extending SkyTrain to Langley and beyond

One writer questions why transit authority’s holds steadfast a LRT system to link to the Valley

  • Jul 18, 2020

LETTER: Langley man argues in favour of funding independent schools

Province cuts funding to independent distributed learning schools

  • Jul 13, 2020

LETTER: Longtime Langley resident concerned about 216th Street safety

Highway 1 and 216th Street interchange a unique design in B.C.

  • Jul 12, 2020

LETTER: Langley man urges seniors to donate COVID benefit

Local man didn’t expect funds so decided to pay it forward

  • Jul 11, 2020

Our View: Penny wise, flood foolish

The cost of acting now is cheaper than the cost of cleaning up the climate change mess later

  • Jul 11, 2020

Painful Truth: UBI fends off fear of poverty

Dignified work isn’t always available

LETTERS: Public ignoring COVID rules in Langley park

What lessons do children learn when people ignore safety precautions?

  • Jul 10, 2020

LETTER: Langley man wants to see bank machine cleaned

The ATM is a high-touch spot that should be cleaned frequently, a local man argues

  • Jul 9, 2020

LETTER: Language in headline overstated: Lodge boss

Incident at a Langley City long-term care home is not as cut and dry, says chief executive officer

  • Jul 9, 2020

LETTER: Racist comment at Langley school disheartening

Such comments belong in long ago history, letter writer says

  • Jul 8, 2020

LETTER: Langley blackface event from 2006 should be history

Events from the past can’t be judged with today’s viewpoint, a local woman writes

  • Jul 8, 2020

LETTER: Langley man concerned about cross-border ditch meetings

A local resident says he sees people not social distancing along Zero Avenue

  • Jul 7, 2020

LETTER: Many Americans work in Canada and have U.S. licence plates

A letter writer challenges the notion that most U.S. licence plates belong to tourists

  • Jul 7, 2020

LETTER: Police education and reform best solution

Langley man disagrees with defunding law enforcement, but says change is needed

  • Jul 5, 2020

LETTER: Politicians should be held accountable for their decisions

Another letter writer is critical of Langley Township’s handling of the Yorkson community park

  • Jul 4, 2020