LETTER: Langley couple hanging out in Bali during COVID

There are worse places to be during what one local reader calls his pineapple pandemic

  • Jul 1, 2020

LETTER: Is B.C. really doing as well as it thinks when it comes to COVID?

Stop comparing this province to the U.S., but rather look to our neighbours across the Pacific Ocean

  • Jul 1, 2020

We’re wishing you all the best this Canada Day

It’s July 1, and as Canadians we have so much to celebrate

  • Jul 1, 2020
Dan Levy: 'Schitt's Creek' Emmy wins 'like a dream'
Daughter pays tribute to father who died of COVID-19 with memorial in Vancouver
Federal health minister 'can't rule out' Canada in second wave
B.C. reports six deaths, 317 new cases of COVID-19 as wildfire smoke affects air quality

LETTER: Fearful current closures only the beginning

Federal aid packages are not enough to save many businesses in Langley

  • Jun 28, 2020

LETTER: What happened to park and playing fields promised for Yorkson?

A letter writer said green space promised for his neighbourhood has been turned into condos

  • Jun 28, 2020

LETTER: Homeless people and ivy damaging historic Fort Langley home

A local resident is asking the Township to take action to preserve Haldi House

  • Jun 27, 2020

Our View: Happy DIY Canada Day!

It’s going to be a home-based celebration for most of us

  • Jun 26, 2020

LETTER: Canada is not prepared for COVID-19’s second wave, Langley man argues

More testing and tracing needs to be in place before Canada can re-open more.

  • Jun 26, 2020

LETTER: Langley letter writer wants to hear more oldies

A local woman comments on the lack of music diversity on radio stations

  • Jun 25, 2020

LETTER: Langley woman asks if society can hit the reset switch

The pandemic has people thinking about consumerism and how to change society

  • Jun 25, 2020

Finlayson: B.C.’s economy devastated by pandemic – and the measures taken to contain it

‘Policy-makers should be acutely sensitive to the financial health of the overall business sector’

  • Jun 24, 2020

Police should not have access to data from coronavirus contact tracing apps

‘This is not the first time that public health, privacy and law enforcement have collided’

  • Jun 24, 2020

LETTER: Langley woman appreciates offer of help with ailing dog

Concern showed by passing motorist

  • Jun 24, 2020

ON COOKING: Chef Dez says brine meat before they hit the grill

Learn the difference between marinating and brining

  • Jun 23, 2020

LETTER: Langley woman pleads for people to don masks

It’s a simple step that makes a big difference to those with health issues, a local writer explains

  • Jun 19, 2020

LETTER: Former cop responds to Langley columnist’s piece on defunding police

Surrey man spotlights initiatives for mental health and social work situations

  • Jun 19, 2020

COLUMN: I sneezed, I coughed, so I got tested for COVID-19

Accessing a swab test is easy these days, but the actual test can more than a little daunting

LETTER: Langley man irked by MP’s attack on RCMP

Elizabeth May called RCMP racist institution, condemning entire force

  • Jun 18, 2020

LETTER: Langley walk made scary by discarded needles

A local resident is concerned about drug paraphernalia hurting children and pets

  • Jun 17, 2020

POLL: Should the Alder Inn be demolished, or preserved?

Langley Township mayor and council expect to vote on the matter in July