Pay attention, Township!

Re: "Priorities don't include Aldergrove," Star Letters, July 21


Re: “Priorities don’t include Aldergrove,” Star Letters, July 21

I agree and also find that Aldergrove has not been a priority for years. I realize that Aldergrove Lake pool is run by Metro Vancouver but in my opinon that is no excuse for the lack of repairs to Aldergrove.

I have been a resident of Aldergrove for 30 years and have watched it go down hill. What are our tax-paying dollars going towards? The taxes keep going up and we are getting less.

Aldergrove pool is in need of replacement and they just keep patching it. Why is it that they can find the money to improve Langley but not Aldergrove? Have you looked at our town, I mean really looked? It is an embarrassment; the weeds are out of control around the trees on the sidewalks, along the curb edges and the maridians. Fallen leaves and flowers from the trees are still scattered along the sidewalks and curbs. Why is this not cleaned up?

We have a crack in our sidewalk in front of our house that could be a tripping hazzard but it won’t be repaired. The reason given is that the budget for sidewalk repair in Aldergrove has been pulled. Why? Don’t we pay enough taxes? Our taxes keep going up every year so what is the problem?

I have put three calls in to a council member to discuss all of this and more but I have never gotten a call back. I am not surprised though. I am being ignored just like our town is being ignored. It is time for changes here, it is time to clean up this town and give us a pool and recreation centre like the one they were going to build. The excuse we got was it was too much money. Well, maybe we should be looking at where our money is going. Maybe we should be looking at how much our council members and Mayor are being paid. I think that a budget cut there is required.

We need something in our town for families to do. We need the Township to clean up this town and make this town something we can once again be proud of.

Chris Miller, Aldergrove