Resident wants an indoor pool at new complex

There will be a lap pool that is heated year round but there are no plans to heat the area between the change rooms and the pool


Re: New Recreation Centre for Aldergrove — without an indoor pool

I attended the unveiling of the new recreation centre for Aldergrove last night. There were many great ideas included in the design. The library will stay at the Kinsmen Centre to cut costs.  There will be a great new ice arena which will double as an events centre to help with costs. A beautiful waterpark which will change many peoples destination from the Cultus Lake Waterpark to Aldergrove’s new waterpark will be open for four or five months of the year.

But where is our indoor pool? It is non-existent. There will be a lap pool that is heated year round but there are no plans to heat the area between the change rooms and the pool or provide a heated area for parents to sit and watch their children participate in lessons. The waterpark has an area that is ideal for those needing rehabilitation from surgery to walk but only in the summer months so if you are fortunate to only need this rehabilitation in the summer it will be useful to you.

The new recreation centre does not provide the indoor pool that residents of Aldergrove have been asking for but it provides much needed summer water activities to the community. In a conversation with one counsellor I was told that I was the only one in Aldergrove who wanted an indoor pool. If you also would like to see an indoor pool in Aldergrove or at least a heated area for those going from the change room to the pool and for spectators please contact Langley Township council and let them know.

There are two more public information meetings this week but because of the short time frame the information meetings may be over before you hear about them. Go to the Township website, view the plans and comment to the township council. There is a large ice community in Aldergrove with a voice. They have had ice for a long time. There has never been an indoor pool in Aldergrove so the swimming community does not have a large voice. Looking at the new recreation centre plans it is easy to see who has the largest voice. I cannot emphasize enough that you must contact the township councilors immediately to help generations of “would be” swimmers in Aldergrove. We are told that the recreation facility will open in May 2018. Let it open with warmth in winter for swimmers.

Dianne Kask, Aldergrove