RV owners protest discrimination

I and several of my neighbours finally came under attack from Township's Bylaw Enforcement.


Re: Township of Langley RV Parking Bylaw

After having a well-kept and clean RV in my driveway for seven years, this year I and several of my neighbours finally came under attack from Township’s Bylaw Enforcement.

On behalf of my neighbours, I have led the campaign the challenge the existing bylaw. It has been to no avail. Despite presentations to council and bylaw enforcement there is no will or desireĀ  on anyone’s part to revisit the issue.

I have asked several times of both council members and bylaw enforcement the intent of the bylaw: what problem is it supposed to address? I have been told consistently that it was to address the issue of RV owners forced to park their cars in the street, or others who partially blocked the sidewalk.

This is a problem on certain areas of Langley, but not all. We have none of those issues in my area. The Township has adopted a one size fits all approach, that attempts to rectify a perceived problem. It is particularly frustrating in that there are five RVs on my street still, that are not in compliance with the bylaw, yet they are untouched by bylaw enforcement as there has been no complaint against them.

Bylaw enforcement is happy to drive by a non-compliant property on its way to an offending one. At this time, I am requesting that all RV owners in the Township of Langley that have been affected by this to contact me, so we can organize our efforts. I am also requesting the support of all RV dealers, as this would certainly be in their best interest. If you would like to join the campaign for a fair and reasonable RV Parking bylaw, please contact me at albalogh@gmail.com

Al Balogh, Aldergrove