Seniors stuck in the middle


We are seniors living in a seniors’ mobile home park in Aldergrove, Pioneer Park on the corner of 0 Avenue and 272 St. We are very happy here and would like to continue living here as long as possible.  

At the moment, I am the only one that can drive the car, as my husband is ill. I cannot drive after dark,and at my advanced age, I do not know how long I will be able to drive. If we have a snowy winter, I cannot drive at all.  

Our doctor and specialists are in Abbotsford, and my husband and I have been in the Abbotsford Hospital many times.  

We applied for a Handy-Dart pass in Abbotsford but could not get one because we live in Langley Township. We applied for and got a Handy-Dart pass for Langley. However, the Langley Handy-Dart will not drive us to Abbotsford. There is no bus service to this part of Langley Township were our seniors’ park is located.  

This puts us in a very difficult situation when we need to get in to see our doctor or if I have to take my husband to the hospital, or if I am ill or unable to drive. Our children live in other areas far from us, and cannot help us out.  

I know you will suggest asking a neighbour to drive us. We have already done that a few times, but this being a seniors’ park for ages 55 and over, most of those in their 50s or 60s are working, and those older are in the same situation as we are — cannot drive, or if they can they do not drive after dark. It is very difficult to arrange a ride in an emergency or even if not. Also, we do not like imposing on other people too much.  

All of the residents in Pioneer Park (about 240 homes) pay regional transit levy on our BC Hydro bill, totalling $6,253.20 per year plus or minus, plus what our park office adds. This is a lot for getting nothing.  

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could enable the Langley Handy-Dart to drive us in to Abbotsford when we need to, or get some kind of bus service to our park, even if it is a mini bus.

Pioneer Park residents, Aldergrove