‘Snoop’ law too invasive

Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems far from eager to discuss the "Lawful Access" legislation he’s promised to pass


Despite being outspoken on the question of crime, Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems far from eager to discuss the “Lawful Access” legislation he’s promised to pass — legislation that will allow online spying without a warrant.

The proposed legislation will force every phone and Internet provider to allow “authorities” to collect the private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant. This legislation is:

• Warrantless. A range of “authorities” will have the ability to invade the private lives of law-abiding Canadians and our families using wired Internet and mobile devices, without justification.

• Invasive. The laws leave our personal and financial information less secure and more susceptible to cybercrime.

• Costly. Internet services providers may be forced to install millions of dollars worth of spying technology and the cost will be passed down to you.

Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has voiced her concerns about online spying repeatedly, and has called for strengthened oversight and privacy safeguards in the bills.

While there are those who are trying to bring this information to light, most Canadians are unaware that their rights and privacy are about to be stripped away. The Harper administration is being very quiet about a legislation that should be put to public vote. I urge all Canadians to speak out now, while they still have the freedom to do so. This is a dangerous step down a road that ends in dictatorship.

Jeremy Price, Abbotsford

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