Some questions the Township didn’t ask


After completing the Langley Township survey on the projected 2011 budget, having read the subsequent feedback and  reviewing the online budget data, I would suggest the following questions would be more appropriate:

– Considering a wages and benefits budget of approximately $53.5 million for 582 employees (excluding RCMP) averages $92,000 per employee, does that compare favourably with your income and benefits?

– As union employees are receiving a four per cent wage increase for 2011 and the cost of living index is about two per cent, which of either increase do you think your wages or business income will match?

–  Township management wage increases are apparently determined by the results of the negotiations with the union. Do you believe merit, CPI and/or an increase of responsibility should determine these wage increases?

– In view of the above, do you consider management’s participation in negotiations under these circumstances could be a conflict of interest?

– The projected cost of $25,000 for continuing the placing of flowers on lampposts in downtown Aldergrove is about .0002 per cent of the $126 million budget. Do you consider the Township question regarding the cancellation of this program an appropriate budget reducing issue or an inquiry as to whether or not the taxpayers of Walnut Grove, Willoughby and Murrayville know or care where Aldergrove is?

– Parks, Recreation and Culture has a combined budget of approximately $31 million. The RCMP budget is $29 million. Considering we do need green space, but also considering many individuals and families spend thousands of dollars on a personal choice of recreation, be it camping, boating, fishing, skiing, hunting or horses, does this $31 million meet your recreational and cultural needs?

– The recession and economic conditions for the past two or three years has adversely affected businesses, wage earners and retirees. Do you think sufficient effort has been made by council and department managers to seek efficiencies and curb spending?

Bob Robinson, Langley