Stop the transit insanity


Please, I beg you, stop the transit insanity.

We need to divert the limited funds to where they really are needed. I’m talking about hospitals which are in great need of renewal. I just spent a week in Langley Memorial and witnessed very overcrowded conditions. The halls are lined with supplies that need storage, making patients moving around the halls vulnerable to stumbling. What were the patient lounges are now used for storage or turned into extra space for patient beds. Every evening the halls had added additional patients in the congested hallways.

Transit in the valley is ridiculous; someone needs to say this to the governments in power. We live in Aldergrove, I do not expect, nor should I expect, to commute to Vancouver or anywhere north of the Fraser on a regular basis. I live and work in the same area. This is what needs much more promotion. Stop the long commutes, please. No more transit expansion, please. Work where you live.

Tom Fehr, Aldergrove