Time to get our fair share!


I read a letter recently submitted by Councilor Kim Richter in which she was decrying the fact Mayor Rick Green has unilaterally ordered a ridership study to validate the need for bus service to the Gloucester Estates Industrial Park without the fiscal expenditure being authorized by Council.

Council, most who have been in place for several terms, have not lifted one finger to demand TransLink provide a bus link to the Township’s largest economic generator. Managers of the various concerns in Gloucester advise that their inability to get competent labour due to lack of transit is impairing their competitive position versus other industrial areas in the Lower Mainland, as well as their prospects for expansion.

This must be extra galling in view of the fact they submit $1.4 million to TransLink annually with nothing to show for it. A meeting at Gloucester on February 21 gave Mayor Green unanimous support to conduct the research get a bus link in place.

Might I suggest the Council support Mayor Green’s various endeavours to improve TransLink’s offerings within the Township and connections to other centres south of Fraser? With another 500,000 people moving south of Fraser by 2031 and TransLink perpetually mentally hobbled with a Vanouver-centric mindset, we need all of the help we can get to ensure we receive service in proportion to what we send TransLink.

Lee Lockwood, Aldergrove