Transit dinosaur is sucking taxpayers dry

Why Skytrain? What is wrong with LRT?


Why Skytrain? What is wrong with LRT?

As much as I respect Mayor Diane Watts for what she has done for Surrey, if I lived in Surrey, I would not vote for her. However, as she already has the seat as Mayor again it’s a moot point. She can now vote anyway she wants. And as Surrey is already part of the Skytrain system, they can only benefit from any financial subsidies to help with ‘improvements’ to connecting to Skytrain. They already have a plan.

This two cent increase on gas tax will work exponentially on everything we do or buy or use, so in fact, it is not truly a two cent increase it will be a lot more. More to buy food, more to use services, more to live. Everything thing that uses gasoline..trucks to deliver gasoline, fruit and veggies, auto parts, groceries, pizza, Chinese food, school bus service, HandiDart service, pick up of your garbage, and even your dog poop … everything will now have an increase as a result of this ‘little 2 cent’ increase. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a money tree in my backyard.

And then there is the increase in property taxes. Now we have to pay a ‘limited time’ average increase of $23 a year more so the TriCities can have an over-priced Skytrain transit system. Research has shown that the Skytrain system doesn’t work and it doesn’t pay for itself. It’s a dinosaur and it’s sucking us dry. What is wrong with Light Rapid Transit?

Taxpayers are not mushrooms. We have moved outside of the box and are watching carefully how our duly elected officials (who are on our payroll) are looking after our best interests. We want information, negotiation and facilitation, not dictatorship.

D. Atkinson, Langley