TransLink riles valley


Get rid of TransLink. This is an unelected group that is gouging all of the taxpayers on gasoline, parking, and transit (that only services a specific group). This group should be abolished and if there has to be a group to do this job, it should be a group that has been elected and represents the taxpayer.

Look at the huge and exhorbitant charges at YVR… explain those costs to me. Just greed… tax on tax… How can you justify charging a tax on a tax? This is a corrupted group and they need to be removed.

How much more do we have to take before we stand up and be counted?

Debbie Atkinson, Langley


It seems TransLink is busying itself with the Broadway corridor and one must ask one self, why? TransLink can’t even source $400 million to complete the funding for the never to be built, Evergreen SkyTrain Line. Why then waste time planning for transit options on Broadway when those plans will be stale-dated long before there is any funding for transit improvements on that route. Transit planning is good for about five years and we build a metro line route every decade, thus by the time the Broadway project comes around, any planning done now will have to be redone.

What’s TransLink’s game?

The most likely answer is that TransLink’s ponderous bureaucracy must look like it’s actually doing something, lest politicians start asking uncomfortable questions about too many employees, etc.

There is no money for a subway under Broadway and TransLink continues to inflate light rail’s construction costs to the absurd, means nothing will be done to improve transit on Broadway for decades to come.

Politicians South of the Fraser should take note: instead of planning for viable planning solutions for Greater Vancouver and South of the Fraser, TransLink continues its flim-flam planning for Vancouver and should ask themselves; “Would not a South Fraser transit authority do a better job in providing a viable transit system?”

Sadly, TransLink’s planners are little more than bookworms in the library, hiding their ineptitude with dated precedents. They have made the planning process a giant machine, where an ossified central bureaucracy reigns amid mountains of paper, with a result of an expensive and dysfunctional transit system, where despite ever increasing taxes, there is little improvement to the actual transit system.

Is it time to say adiĆ³s to TransLink?

Malcolm Johnston, Delta