Vote with your feet

Letters on Remembrance Day and Canadian veterans of wars and conflicts


November 11th is only one day of the year.

A small percentage of Canadians choose to serve our country by wearing a military uniform.

The rest of us can thank them by insisting that the federal government supplies the necessary resources to support our veterans.

That means accepting the costly responsibility of making medical and psychological services readily available for those in need.

Canada owes our dedicated military personnel more than praise, decorations, medals and an annual Remembrance Day parade.

Our politicians have a moral obligation to ensure physical and emotional assistance is available for our veterans every day of the year.

Please hold your Member of Parliament accountable.

Lloyd Atkins, Vernon

* * * * *


In Aldergrove, the Dollarama store has refused the Royal Canadian Legion veterans the opportunity to sell poppies outside their store for a few days prior to Remembrance Day.

Not only that, they also refused to accept a poppy box with donation slot for their counters.

Apparently they don’t care about the 900-plus members of Aldergrove Legion, their families or their friends who have heard about this slight.

The veterans of two World Wars, Korea, Bosnia, Cyprus, Afghanistan, not to mention numerous peace-keeping efforts around the world, made it possible for us to have a peaceful, successful life here in our country.

It could be argued that, without their efforts, there maybe would never have been a Dollarama store at all.

We need to urge these people to re-think their stand on this matter.

Or we, as a community, should simply “vote with our feet.”

Wayne Boylan, Aldergrove