You can’t complain if you don’t vote

D. Atkinson, Langley, says to vote on Nov. 19 in Langley Township


If I’m not mistaken, all charges against Mayor Green were dropped, so what is with the unearthing of old ‘crap’ against the Mayor. This is typical American style propaganda and it is used too much in all elections; municipal, provincial and federal.

Maybe, in your mind, Mayor Green was right and maybe he was wrong – that is for each of us to determine but the courts have cleared him. I say there were other things that happened during his term, and if you are happy with those other things that in your mind were good, then vote for him. If you weren’t happy with those other things then vote against him.

But for goodness sake get your lazy bones out there and vote one way or the other. If you don’t then you have no one to blame but yourself for the outcome.

D. Atkinson, Langley