Aldergrove's 'Durti Gurlz' take on Femsport Challenge

Aldergrove's 'Durti Gurlz' take on Femsport Challenge

Aldergrove’s ‘Durti Gurlz’ take on Femsport Challenge

Women of Aldergrove have been training for the Femsport Vancouver event being held in the Ship Builder’s Square on Sept. 7 at Lonsdale Quay

Women of Aldergrove have been training for the upcoming Femsport Vancouver event being held in the Ship Builder’s Square on September 7 at Lonsdale Quay.

This women’s strength and fitness challenge is offered to women of all abilities and vows to test their strength, agility, power, endurance and speed. Femsport offers women so much more than just the opportunity to be their own champion.

“In my mind, this is not a competition,” says Erin Schwaiger, a Durti Gurlz team member. “This is an empowering event where I am supported to feel good about myself, push my own limits, and feel accomplished.”

Her sentiments are echoed by Tara Strachan, fellow team member, who says: “This has helped me feel proud of myself and has fostered growth in me I never dreamed was possible.”

Aldergrove’s Durti Gurlz are 15 women strong, with team mates coming from all different backgrounds.

“One of the best parts about training is getting to know the these ladies that I would otherwise never have met. We come from a variety of backgrounds and fitness abilities but come together every week and support one another in such a positive way,” says Schwaiger.

Training for this event is happening at an Aldergrove fitness centre, Apocalypse Training and Fitness, located at #30 26157B – 262 street. A sanctioned Femsport training facility, Apocalypse offers event specific training methods and competition knowledge in addition to their regular classes and club memberships.

You don’t have to look hard to see the dedication and commitment these women are giving to their team and to this event.

Says Strachan, “I even postponed, then later cancelled, a move to another province so I could stay and train for Femsport with the team at Apocalypse.”

It is this determination that sets the Durti Gurlz apart and has earned them sponsorship from PVL Essentials, the 100% natural sport supplement brand. PVL could see that this group of dedicated ladies would represent their brand in an honourable way.

The energy and enthusiasm at these training sessions is beyond compare. In two weeks time, the event itself will allow these local ladies to shine.

Aldergrove is well represented by these women and their “Durti” spirits. They are Determined, Unstoppable, Relentless, Tenacious and Irresistible. Join them in Vancouver on September 7 as they take on box jumps, obstacle courses, kettle bells, tire drags, car pushing and, most importantly, themselves.

Apocalypse Training and Fitness is the only club in the lower mainland to offer a full gym plus a full boot camp cross training facility in one spot.