A computer-generated graphic of the COOP Community Pavillon at Raptors Knoll Frisbee Golf. (Special to the Aldergrove Star)

A computer-generated graphic of the COOP Community Pavillon at Raptors Knoll Frisbee Golf. (Special to the Aldergrove Star)

Construction begins on community pavilion at Aldergrove’s ‘booming” Frisbee golf course

Co-founder says Raptors Knoll gets so busy with players, a second course would get completely filled

“Frisbee golf is in a boom,” assures Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Park co-founder Stewart McIsack.

“By 7:30 in the morning on Saturday, there is a line-up to play,” he noted. “By midday, there are about 60 cars parked on the road. The course gets filled!”

Raptors Knoll officially opened in June of 2019 at Jackman Wetlands Park in Aldergrove.

The course spans approximately 40 acres at 272nd Street and 8th Avenue, and has been ranked the second best course in Canada and 19th in the entire world.

“People are happy and love to play the game and love the course,” McIsack said. “We could fill two courses with the amount of people that come.”

Though plans for an additional course are on the table, McIsack said it’s a difficult road, particularly with getting land from the municipality

“They want to cut down trees and build a subdivision and we want to play in those trees,” he said, noting which one of the two makes money. “It’s hard to compete with subdivisions.”

While there will be no new space anytime soon, there are additions coming to the current course including the construction of a community pavilion – built with funds from a COOP grant.

“We’re at the foundation slab point, but it depends on log passage, so it’s hard to tell when it will be finished,” McIsack explained.

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He did say the course applied for a second grant in attempts to “boost things up.”

McIsack also pointed out that it can hard to find adequate equipment for people to play, so Raptors Knoll ordered limited

edition light weight starter disc Frisbee golf sets with their logo on them.

“We’re almost sold out,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll purchase more and have a smaller run in the spring.”

Each set is $55 and comes with a putter, mid range and driver. Money from sales goes towards course construction and maintenance.

Right now, McIsack said the board is biding their time before events and tournaments can be held again.

He said the province of B.C. is the only jurisdiction in North America that can’t hold Frisbee golf events because of COVID-19.

Though frustrated with regulations, McIsack asked any players to follow COVID-19 rules including social distancing and playing in no more than groups of four.

People can visit www.rkdiscgolfpark.com for more information.

There is no fee to play Raptors Knoll and tee times are not required.

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