The Tyke division will be featured alongside the heavyweights at Clash 14 this Friday night.

The Tyke division will be featured alongside the heavyweights at Clash 14 this Friday night.

‘Harder they fall’ in Clash 14

The Tyke division will be featured alongside the heavyweights at Clash @ Cascades #14 this Friday night.

The 14th installment of the “Clash @ the Cascades” series will feature two City Title fights as well as three eliminators. Also on the card will be a Tyke Fight featuring eight to ten year olds and some juniors.

The main event will be a rematch between Nate Nowalk and Ritchie Evanochko, this time for a City Title Belt. At 6’6” “Big” Nate Nowalk will tip the scales at about 265 lbs. Nowalk will be taking on the first guy to defeat him. The two crossed paths last March and in a very tough and exciting fight, Evanochko won the decision.

Since then Nate lost a close fight against Adam Braidwood, with a split decision loss. Evanochko and Nowalk have had some bad blood between them as Nowalk started taunting Evanochko for a rematch after the first fight. Evanochko was committed to a kickboxing fight and was unable to accommodate Nowalk.

Evanochko did offer Big Nate a rematch on the pavement, however, this did not happen. Ritchie is back with his old club of Port Kells and is in great shape and very motivated. Evanochko is expected to be about 225 lbs. for the rematch, about 8 lbs. less than he was in the first bout.

The heavyweights are always interesting to all fans. Although at press time it was not confirmed a solid heavyweight contest could see Nic Stevenson, 225 lbs. of Sunshine Coast, take on Ryan Dallas, 210 lbs. of Action Boxing. This is a sleeper and has all the potential of fight of the night.

The semi-main event will see Narinder Alaki take on Kylic Taylor in a Super Middleweight City Title fight. Taylor of Ocean Park Boxing is from Alberta and is unknown in this area. Akila joins club mate Evanochko as Port Kells makes a double play for two titles. If Port Kells wins both titles they will be the first club within the Combsport system to hold two titles at one time. Akali is coming off a tough win over Jordan McLellan of Madkatz at Kelowna.

A Cruiserweight Eliminator will feature Aman Aujla of Bisla taking on Joe Doyle of Action Boxing. Another interesting eliminator will be Darcie Nestor of Chilliwack Boxing taking on Jillian Sask of Port Kells. The winner will advance to fight for a City Title.

The show will also feature Jordan Leland-Weaver, an 18 year old out of the host club City Boxing. Leland-Weaver will be taking on Jamie Chadwick in a middleweight fight.

No less than 10 fights are likely on the show with a tag name of “The Harder They Fall” — named after the 1955 boxing movie that many say was the best boxing movie ever. The fights are at the Coast Convention center in the same building as the Cascades Casino on Friday, Jan 20, doors at 7 p.m.


Darcie Nestor of Chilliwack Boxing Club lost in her first fight then went south and scored a spectacular knockout in her second outing. She will take on Port Kells boxer Jillian Sask with the winner being in line to challenge for a city title. Both Sask and Nestor are ready for the contest and have been in preparation for about three months.

This is only one of two women’s fights on the card. Anna Farrant of Action Boxing in Vancouver is set to fight Jenine Arends of Chilliwack Boxing. The two winners will meet each other in a City Title fight on March 2 at the next Clash card.


Friday’s Clash 14 will see two City Title fights and a women’s elimination tournament start, however, for two Langley boys this will be their night.  Langley’s Jamie Chadwick, 19, will be seeing the ring for the second time when he faces Jordan Leland-Weaver who will be climbing the steps for the first time.

Chadwick fights out of Surrey’s Port Kells Boxing Club and is expected to weigh in above the middleweight limit of 160 lbs. and Leland-Weaver who fights out of City Boxing will tip the scales at about 156 lbs. The two will meet in a three-round bout.

Russ Lavery, 19, also a Langley resident will also be in action against Josh Slager, 19, of Kelowna’s Madkatz Boxing.


Although the crowd will be there to see the title fights there will be two very game 10 year olds, both boxing in the Tyke division. This is a division that sees boxers from 8-10 years old box two one-minute rounds. The match is a draw bout. This means the match is considered a draw.

Dave Allison, City Boxing manager, says it is great for the kids to start this way.

“There is no winner or loser and the youngsters get great experience. Connor Hollingshead will face Mateo Della Penna in the Tyke Bout; this will be one of 11 bouts set for the night.”