Aldergrove kart racer Jordan Redlin.

Aldergrove kart racer Jordan Redlin.

Redlin races in kart ‘Battle for Team Canada’

Greg Moore Raceway hosted the final round of the Rok Cup Canada Championship in conjunction with the West Coast Kart Club

Greg Moore Raceway hosted the final round of the Rok Cup Canada Championship in conjunction with the West Coast Kart Club, in closing out the string of big race events at the Chilliwack based race track.

Neck and neck is the only way to describe this championship with Rampart Racing’s Jordan Redlin battling with RaceLab’s Chris Eagles in a fight where every last point would count. By the end of Saturday’s warm-up it would be apparent that this battle would not ease up as the gap between Eagles, Redlin and Past winners Kris Hoffbeck and Bob Wakeling were all looking strong and ready for a tight race.

In Saturday’s Qualifying the top two rows were very close. Hoffbeck claimed the pole with Eagles taking second, Redlin third and Wakeling sitting next to him in fourth. At the start of the race there was some shuffling that saw Wakeling, Eagles, and Redlin battling for position while Hoffbeck would be out front working on his lead.

Misfortune would later strike Redlin as he would retire due to an electrical issue. Once Redlin’s departure occurred things settled down up front as Eagles and Wakeling comfortably crossed the line in second and third postion, looking good for the final.

With an electrical change to Redlin’s kart he found his pace once again in the Final and wasted no time getting into the mix with Wakeling and Eagles who he managed to make his way past. Redlin then managed to overtake Hoffbeck for the lead and was able to retain it while the team of Race lab karts worked together giving Chris Eagles the second spot. This allowed the points battle to remain close with Redlin’s advantage at one point going into Sunday.

Sunday morning was upon the ROKKERS and the possibility of being the World Finals representative was definitely stirring excitement throughout the paddock. Rarely is a championship so close between two drivers. Once again in the morning the top three from Saturday’s final were within less than a tenth of a second in warm up and going into qualifying it was anyone’s race to be won.

In qualifying it would be Kris Hoffbeck taking the pole with a time of 51.987. It would be Eagles sitting next to him on the front row while Redlin would sit third again alongside Wakeling.

The Pre Final was kicked off with Eagles jumping into the lead and Hoffbeck following while Redlin and Wakeling battled for position allowing the top two a chance to get away. This paved the way for a somewhat uneventful race as Eagles opened up a healthy lead early on in the race. Hoffbeck backed off once realizing the RaceLab team had put a gap on Redlin and would opt to reduce his pace and save his tires for the final and in the process allowing Wakeling to take the second place spot from him.

The Final saw more of the same as the green flag dropped and Eagles ran out into the lead and the boys behind him all battled through the first few corners with Redlin getting the short end of the deal as he fell back into fifth at one point with Jason Houghton putting his CRG in front of him in the first corner.

Hoffbeck sat behind Eagles aware that his team mate was in the hunt for the championship and decided to not put that at risk and sat in second until Eagles had opened a comfortable gap from him. With the two staying stagnant Redlin pushed hard to make up the lost ground.

Nearing the end of the final, Redlin was there knocking on Hoffbeck’s door. Some blocking maneuvers came from Hoffbeck and the intense battle allowed time for his team mate to check out. On the last corner of the last lap Redlin finally had made it clear of Hoffbeck’s hair to take second, but it was too late for Redlin as Eagles took the checkered flag first.

Eagles was able to take the championship title after pulling a four points lead over Redlin in the final event.

Eagles will be Team Canada’s representative in the Super Rok category this coming October in Lonato Italy at the ROK International Finals.

“Drivers from all over the world will be in attendance for the event. Annually it’s an awesome event, I think that Chris Eagles will do well,” Redlin said.

Redlin would like to thank his sponsors for their continued support: Rampart Detection Systems, FIKSE Wheels, PSL West, Screenguild signs and Black Press. For more information, please visit