The one-month pilot will begin March 6 on a 60-foot articulated bus and two double-decker buses. (TransLink)

WEB POLL: Would you ever trade in your car for a transit pass?

A lot more public transit is planned for Langley. Is it enough to give up a personal vehicle?

The ambitious Transport 2050 document, prepared by TransLink, suggests a big increase in the number of buses on local roads is coming soon, including a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line running from the Golden Ears Bridge all the way to downtown Langley on 200th Street.

In the coming years, more BRTs and even SkyTrain will arrive in Langley. A majority of people within the developed areas of the Township will be within a short walk of a bus stop and links to fast, relatively frequent transit service, if all of TransLink’s plans come together.

But would that be enough for the car-owning residents of Langley to give up a personal vehicle, or not?

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