BCER Interurban Car 1401, an Ottawa Car Company built in 1910, has arrived at Langley Prairie Station  on its way to Chilliwack in late 1949, with St. Louis Car Company’s 1913-built 1320 in tow as well as a BCER-built 1300 car with the conductor leaning out of vestibule door.  The station was re-built by July 1928 after a fire while the vehicle at the left (light colour) indicates a late 1940s model and a 1930s truck.
Photo by Ernie Les Plant / BC Hydro - G.E. MacDonell Collection

WEB POLL: Would you use the Interurban line?

The province is giving the line, shuttered for almost 70 years, renewed consideration

The B.C. government is at least considering reviving transit on the old B.C. Electric Railway line, which runs through Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack.

The line, known as the interurban, carried passengers and light freight as far as Vancouver between the 1910s and the 1950s.

TransLink has rejected the idea of the line in the past, with a report saying it would be too expensive and wouldn’t reach key destinations.

If the interurban was revived, would you use it?

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