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Aldergrove family in need gifted snacks and treats

Diana Kleiberg Vaughan made a care package full of food and picked a random recipient
A Langley resident donated food to a family in need in Aldergrove. (Diana Kleiberg Vaughan/Special to The Star)

Diana Kleiberg Vaughan has had the habit of spending money every day on snacks and treats for the past year – only, she doesn’t eat any of it.

Kleiberg Vaughan gives it all away.

She told the Aldergrove Star that she has created care packages for low income families to help.

“I’ve been posting in Mom’s Helping Moms groups, but I was seeing that a lot of people on them were from out of town or even the United States,” she explained.

Though she resides in Langley, Kleiberg Vaughan said she works in Aldergrove and saw a need in the community.

With a desire to keep her donations more local, Kleiberg Vaughan put the call on an Aldergrove Facebook page for anyone looking for extra support to get in touch.

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“This gives dads a chance to get help for their families too, not just moms,” she added.

The package was filled with school-related snacks and even a gift card to be used for fresh food. Kleiberg Vaughan said she took names and picked the winner of all the items at random.

She does this every now-and-then without a set frequency. She says it’s been a good way to give back.

“Some people don’t want to go to food bank, and it’s hard to ask for help,” Kleiberg Vaughan said.

She encouraged others to not only watch social media for the next time she does it, but hopes this motivates others by showing that sometimes the biggest difference can be maybe by saving up and going shopping.

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