Anne Guite: Bringing music to the children

As director of operations for the Music Access Society (MAS), Anne Guite uses her unique blend of music therapy training, education

Anne Guite of Music Access Society

Anne Guite of Music Access Society

As a board member and director of operations for the Music Access Society (MAS), Anne Guite uses her unique blend of music therapy training, abilities as a private music educator, and skills gained in the social service sector to fulfill the vision and mission of the Music in Action Access Society.

John Briner is co-founder and executive director of MAS, and is a practicing lawyer in Vancouver, and the other MAS directors include Philip Grant, Brandon Kereliuk, and Michael Gillette.

The directors of the Music Access Society recognize all that music has added to their lives. Ignited by this certainty, yet realizing the difficulties many families face to fund music education for their children, MAS strives to provide the gateway to quality music educators and instruments. Skilled instructors pass their musical gifts on to the next generation. Through MAS programming, students have entrance to educational environments that build confidence, enhance learning, develop their abilities to reach their potential, while experiencing the joy of music.

The mission of MAS is, “Building community …transforming the lives of at-risk and under-privileged children through access to music education.” MAS aims to serve the communities of South Surrey, White Rock, Langley, and Abbotsford, by providing music lessons and instruments at no charge to aspiring musicians.

Thanks to the many donors who’ve stepped up with gifts of money, free meeting space and instruments, and fund-raising events organized by Guite and Briner, the program has taken off since its launch in September 2012.

A limited number of private students are funded to attend private lessons. Instruction is at an approved music education facility in the students’ catchment area. In addition, two groups of guitar classes are offered in Aldergrove, and two class piano groups are run in Langley City. A total of four segments will be offered for each level of group class.

Experienced, qualified teachers are engaged via local music education facilities; group lessons are taught by contract instructors of good standing and experience. The Music Access Society provides the students with instruments. A nominal deposit for the instrument, returned upon the completion of the lessons, is required along with a commitment to learn and letter of application.

Educated for two years in Jazz and Music Therapy at Capilano University, Anne Guite earned a Bachelor degree in General Studies with a Minor in Humanities from Simon Fraser University (2006). Her resume includes eight years assisting troubled children and youths with Stonehouse Child and Youth Support Services and 10 years of guiding students in playing the fiddle. For information: or call 604-259-8452.