Edith, Gru and Lucy.

Edith, Gru and Lucy.

Cat shelter overwhelmed by ‘kitten season’

Langley Animal Protection Society puts out call for loving homes for cats and kittens

The Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) in Aldergrove urgently needs loving and caring homes for its booming cat population.

Every year at this time people bring in strays and abandoned cats found at the sides of roads or properties.

There are an estimated 22,000 unowned or feral cats living in the communities of Langley, and most are unsprayed or un-neutered and are producing as many as 80,000 kittens every year.

The kitten season runs from May to October. And about 75 per cent of those thousands of kittens, suffering neglect and disease, will die before reaching the age of six months.

LAPS Executive Director Jayne Nelson says the shelter is currently at full capacity, with about 80 cats and kittens in its care. And many more are expected to arrive in the months to come.

“Every year kittens are brought to us that have been found; abandoned in boxes on the side of the road, in parks or discarded like garbage in dumpsters,” she said.

“We are always grateful to the kind people who find these kittens and bring them in.”

LAPS is treating and rehabilitating the litters of kittens. Many are held in isolation until they are medically cleared, but the shelter is accepting adoption applications so they can go to homes as soon as they are ready.

LAPS has broken ground on its new Cat Intake and Isolation facility that will provide much needed space for the care of sheltered cats and kittens at the shelter. The “ISOasis” will allow LAPS to care for 40 per cent more homeless cats and kittens each year.

But homes will be needed, and readers are urged to have a look at the cats available for adoption and consider filling out an application to adopt.

Readers can see the shelter’s current adoptable cats on Petfinder, or call the shelter for more information: 604-857-5055.

The most current information about adoptable kittens is on its Facebook page.

You can see the kittens in foster care getting ready for their forever homes on the LAPS Foster Kittens Facebook page.


Polly, Josie, and Veronica from the “Riverdale Gang”.

Polly, Josie, and Veronica from the “Riverdale Gang”.

“Meowmy, Nigma is lying on me and he’s getting heavy.”

“Meowmy, Nigma is lying on me and he’s getting heavy.”