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Funds raised for tiger conservation

Greater Vancouver Zoo celebrated a whole weekend of tiger awareness from July 27 through July 29
Raffle winner of a stuffed tiger was 'Natalie' of Langley.

In support of International Tiger Day the Greater Vancouver Zoo celebrated a whole weekend of tiger awareness from July 27 through July 29. Lots of great information about tiger conservation was shared, including a confiscated tiger hide to explain why these beautiful animals should not be poached. There were also tiger coloring sheets, tiger conservation buttons for everyone and a raffle.

The raffle for a plush stuffed baby tiger was held to help support Tiger Conservation in the wild.  In total the zoo raised $136 from the raffle, and congratulate lucky winner “Natalie of Langley”. One hundred per cent of the proceeds raised through this raffle will go towards Panthera’s Tiger conservation programs.

Panthera is involved in wild cat conservation efforts around the globe. Of all of the cats in the world, the tiger is the world’s largest and one of the most endangered! According to the information provided on Panthera’s website, in 1913 there were 100,000 tigers in the wild and now in 2013 we are down to as few as 3,200. Tigers are no longer in 93% of their historic range due to illegal hunting, habitat loss, over hunting of prey and human-tiger conflict. Panthera plans are to protect the tigers by making significant changes: through law enforcement and well-trained park guides, working with local communities to improve livestock husbandry techniques to help reduce human-tiger conflicts, protecting core tiger habitats, and using the best scientific and research methods to track and monitor the tigers.

You can provide funding for tiger conservation or to learn more by visiting

At the Greater Vancouver Zoo there are critically endangered Siberian tigers, named Sweetie, Hana and Hani. In the wild there are estimated to be as few as 400 to 500 Siberian Tigers living primarily in eastern Russia, although some exist in China and North Korea.


Vanessa Burns and Trevor Walden (volunteers at the Greater Vancouver Zoo) manned the International Tiger Day display.

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