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Greater Vancouver Zoo wins award for special program

Zoo has been acknowledged for its Oregon spotted frog recovery program
Oregon Spotted frogs have been on the list of endangered animals since 1999 (Cody Gampe/Special to The Star)

Greater Vancouver Zoo has received an award of excellence.

The Colonel G.D. Dailley Award was given to the Greater Vancouver Zoo’s, Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Program.

Cody Gampe, marketing manager, said the program was put in place to take action on helping the species.

“Most importantly, during the early years of the program and species assessment, the program provided an assurance, population for eggs collected from the wild to ensure an entire years breeding efforts were not lost due to stochastic weather events,” added Gampe.

Oregon Spotted frogs have been on the list of endangered animals since 1999.

“Recovery of this species has involved many different conservation actions, surveys, population monitoring, landowner contact, public education, and habitat restoration. The focus of the conservation efforts for this species have also changed over time. Facilities run by Wildlife Preservation Canada at Greater Vancouver Zoo began to build a program for captive breeding, having previously focused entirely on collecting frogs from the wild” said Gampe.

Gampe explained, some years his team felt, they weren’t making enough difference for the frogs.

“This past year we really cracked the code regarding mating behavior as well as stimulating the females to lay their eggs in a timely manner, because we had issues in the past with egg binding,” added Gampe.

The award ceremony will be held virtually this year, due to the pandemic.

“We are very excited that our conservation efforts here at the Greater Vancouver Zoo is being recognized by such a prestigious award. This is the rearing program we have been working on the longest,” said Gampe.

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