Don Neilson and John Laing

Don Neilson and John Laing

Keystone Of Life donation purchases critical equipment for end-of-life care at LMH

Keystone of Life Foundation recently delivered a $7,952 grant to the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation

The Keystone of Life Foundation recently delivered a $7,952 grant to the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation for the purchase of a CADD pump for End-of-Life Care at Langley Memorial Hospital.

“The use of CADD (computerized ambulatory drug delivery) pumps is important in providing optimal symptom management to our patients at the Hospice Residence at Langley Memorial Hospital” says Becky Williams, Patient Care Coordinator,

LMH Hospice Residence. CADD pumps allow for continuous infusion of medication to be administered via a portable device and can provide a very effective means of providing medication such as medication for pain control or other medications to manage symptoms such as seizures or distressing restlessness.

In addition to receiving continuous infusion of medication via a CADD pump, a patient with a CADD pump in use can press a button and deliver a pre-determined, safe and effective dose of their medication, as needed, for their symptoms.

The pump and medication is portable and therefore permits patients whenever possible to be more independent and enjoy events or activities outside of the hospice residence.

“I strongly advocate for the availability of CADD pumps in the care of our patients in hospice. I have personally observed the successful symptom management and improved quality of life that is the benefit of this very effective and convenient way to administer medications, when needed, to patients receiving palliative care” states Dr. Sharon Duncan, LMH End-of-Life Care Program.

End-of-Life care is supportive, compassionate care that improves the quality of life of people who are dying and their families, up to and including bereavement. End-of-Life care addresses the physical, psychological, and spiritual concerns of the person who is dying and focuses on comfort, respect for decisions, and support for the family.

Don Neilson, a Director of the Keystone of Life Foundation, said, “Funds are possible thanks to kind donations and legacy gifts from our membership, but the public is also able to support our goals. I am sure that this CADD pump will be put to very good use at the hospital and KLF is pleased to play a small part in its community service.”

Keystone of Life Foundation is a charitable society initiated by the Royal Arch Masons in 1975 which continues to enjoy the support and patronage of BC & Yukon Royal Arch Masonry, their friends and families. The KLF seeks to support healthcare facilities, particularly in outlying communities that have limited access to resources. Nearly $600,000 in grants has been awarded since its inception.

To learn more about the work of KLF and how to join the Royal Arch Masons of BC & the Yukon, please visit and

About Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation:  Established in 1985, Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation truly is a partner in the care of patients at Langley Memorial Hospital and serves as a bridge between our donors, the community and our hospital.