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Langley boy, 8, inspired by kindness week collects $400 in bottles for local family

Nixon Mahovlic is a student at Fort Langley Elementary

Inspired by kindness week at school an eight-year-old Langley boy set out to collect bottles in his neighbourhood to help a local family in need.

Nixon Mahovlic came home from Fort Langley Elementary one March afternoon and told his parents about an idea he had.

“I hope to collect bottles and cans, and donate money to a needy family,” Dad Steve Mahovlic relayed to the Langley Advance Times.

That same week, on a Friday afternoon, Nixon set out to a few of the houses in his neighbourhood with his wagon and collected a few items.

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“He was determined – beyond determined to do this,” said Steve. “He’s just the type of kid that just gets something in his head and he follows through with it.”

Nixon even recruited a friend who lives next door, and together the pair gathered 4,000 bottles and can.

“It was just amazing the determination that [Nixon] had doing this. It made us both so proud,” Steve said about him and his wife.

The effort raised more than $400.

“Just kind of surprised of the determination of this eight-year-old to do this,” dad said. “It wasn’t coming out of the bank. It was work to do it.”

Once the dollars were totalled Nixon’s mom had organized to donate the money anonymously to a family through a local church, North Langley Community Church.

Nixon hope he can inspire others.

“If only one other kid goes out and does something like this, I’ll be really happy,” Nixon told his dad when discussing his project. “It’ll make a difference.”

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