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Langley hospital can capture X-ray imaging much faster

New pedia-poser chair makes the treatment safer for pediatric patients, says management
Tammy Karoway, Site Coordinator, Medical Imaging, Langley Memorial Hospital with the new pedia-poser. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

Langley Memorial Hospital has recently introduced a new Pedia-Poser chair to their medical imaging department, making the process of capturing X-ray imaging faster and safer for pediatric patients.

Tammy Karoway, the site coordinator for Medical Imaging at Langley Memorial Hospital, believes that the new chair will improve the quality of care offered to patients.

“The new chair offers a safe and comfortable way to help minimize the movement of our pediatric patients,” said Karoway. “The design makes the patients feel more comfortable as it is light and similar to a chair many have already sat on.”

Not only does the Pedia-Poser chair make patients more comfortable, but it also makes the job of hospital staff easier. “By keeping the patients still, we can achieve the images required more quickly with much less risk of motion from the child squirming or turning towards a parent,” explained Karoway.

While the chair is specific to Medical Imaging, it will benefit all pediatric patients at Langley Memorial Hospital, including those in emergency, inpatient and outpatient care.

Karoway revealed that before the chair’s arrival, the hospital had to be much more creative when it came to positioning pediatric patients who required medical imaging services.

“We would never turn away a patient, but we had to be much more creative before the chair’s arrival regarding how to position our pediatric patients,” she said.

This is the first brand new Pedia-Poser Chair at the hospital, with the hospital having previously used refurbished chairs acquired from other sites in the region. The Pedia-Poser has been well-received by patients and parents.

“We have found that it has provided a better, more comfortable experience for our patients,” said Karoway.

At this time, the hospital does not need any additional chairs to support the needs of their pediatric patients. The Pedia-Poser chair arrived at the hospital in November, at the start of the significant flu season.

“We were able to use the chair on day one and have had many opportunities to have our patients and staff benefit from this kind gift,” said Karoway.

The Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation and their generous donors made the Pedia-Poser chair possible, and Karoway extended her thanks to the foundation and its donors for the timely gift.


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The new pedia-poser is expected to make the X-Ray capturing process faster and safer. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

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