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Langley’s ReFeed Farm takes centre stage in documentary “Rethinking Food”

Farm’s circular nutrition model and regenerative farming techniques showcased in film
ReFeed Canada employee sorts incoming produce. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

Langley’s ReFeed Farm, a facility dedicated to fixing the broken food system, has been featured in a new documentary titled “Rethinking Food.”

The film, which explores the partnership between ReFeed Farm and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, highlights the farm’s efforts to redirect excess and unused fresh produce to those facing food insecurity in the community.

Stuart Lilley, the founder and CVO of ReFeed Farm, said, “ReFeed Farm takes in large quantities of excess and unused fresh produce from wholesalers and suppliers from which we sort and redirect what is still delicious and fit for people. We supply this to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank so that they can supplement the food they get from other sources with fresh produces for Food Bank uses.”

The film addresses the issue of food waste in B.C., and proposes solutions such as ReFeed’s circular nutrition model, which extracts 100 per cent value from excess food and food waste, and regenerative tools to repair soil which has been depleted by conventional farming methods.

“The movie shows how ReFeed is adding to the supply of food available to those who rely on the programs run by Greater Vancouver Food Bank, including our neighbours in Langley,” said Lilley.

The documentary was filmed in Langley, a location chosen for its farmland and its relevance to the issues of food insecurity and regenerative farming.

ReFeed Farm plans to host a celebration event this spring, with dates and details to be announced.

For more information, people can contact ReFeed at 778-298-6675.


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ReFeed Canada founder Stuart Lilley (left) with Craig Edwards and David Long (right) of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. (Special to Langley Advance Times)
Mandarin oranges and kiwi fruit arrive at the ReFeed Farm for sorting and processing. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

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