Mama is the first pig the Little OinkBank Sanctuary ever rescued. (Langley Advance Times Files)

Mama is the first pig the Little OinkBank Sanctuary ever rescued. (Langley Advance Times Files)

Off the menu and onto the farm

Aldergrove pig sanctuary Little Oink Bank holds fundraising dinner

Aldergrove farmer Carrie Shogan and her husband Ron took in a sow just over one year ago – now 33 curly-tailed rescue-hogs reside at their Little Oink Bank Sanctuary.

“We took in three sows, which turned out to be all pregnant,” Shogan recalled, “so then we suddenly 18.”

Shogan began taking in pot-belly and mini-pigs after learning 90 percent are re-homed or abandoned after unequipped owners buy them as pets.

Along with a few cows, goats, and chickens, Little Oink Bank operates solely from the efforts of the couple. The organization has reached non-profit and provincial charity status – something Shogan said is cause to celebrate.

On Saturday, Aug. 10, the sanctuary will be holding “Diner Avec Les Cochons,” a five course plant-based plated dinner catered by Vancouver company Urban Leaf.

“The name translates literally into ‘dinner with the pigs’,” Shogan explained. “It’s held on the anniversary of when we achieved non-profit status.

“It’s semi-formal and will held in this picture-esque field. The pigs won’t be roaming around because obviously that would cause problems,” she continued.

Tickets go for $75, which will be used to build more fencing on the sanctuary so more animals can be recused.

Shogan said they are hoping for 100 to 120 people – tickets are available on eventbrite.

The address to the Aldergrove farm will be given out once people have purchased their tickets.

“We’re not a petty zoo,” Shogan said. “People can’t just stop in, but we are reliant on volunteers, so tours can be arranged by donation.”

The dinner runs 5 to 10 p.m. and more information can be found on Little Oink Bank Sanctuary’s Facebook page or by calling 604-308-6075.

“It’s a forever home – a last stop! We’re their family,” Shogan said. “I stared as a dog and cat person, then I met a pig, now I’m a pig person. They’re pretty special.”

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