Seniors invited to spring tea at Kinsmen

Can you believe it’s June and still no sunshine in the forecast? No wonder we’re looking so pale and worn out. Maybe we’re watching too much hockey?

The coming week will be exciting and never fear, my hockey buddy and I will be waving our white towels, because it’s our turn for the treasured “cup.”

It’s a strange world with floods and fires, earthquakes and typhoons. But no doubt we’ll survive now that the fanatical predictions of that minister failed to come true.

In the senior’s quarters, carpet bowling last Thursday was fun but it is now over until September.

There was no crib on Monday either since it was the Victoria day holiday.

The pot luck dinner wasn’t as well attended as usual, with only 17 there, but there was lots of good food and we finished it off with card bingo.

Bridge was on Friday, as usual. The winners were Myrtle Kemp with top score of 5950, Doug Johnston had 5880 and Bill McKeown was third with 5290.

The spring tea will be held at the Kinsmen Community Centre on June 7. It is always a very enjoyable afternoon, so keep the date in mind. The United Church women are having their windup the same day, and it’s too bad we can’t be everywhere.

The June meeting of the OAPO is the first Friday of June.

At the Veterans and Seniors Club the July sale is fast approaching and they are sorting and preparing the goods, so bring your items in early.

Card games have been going well with as many as five and half tables at crib. Winners last week were Larry for his 713 score, Joan with 708, and Betty with 641. Come along and join the fun.

Dominoes is popular on Thursday afternoon and whist is the game for Friday.

Our cook, Rick, is preparing the nutritious meals so come and join us for the noon dinners.

The book, “The Oldtimers” written by Gary Mason, a Vancouver Sun reporter, is interesting especially if you are a hockey fan and have followed the game through the years that Johnny Bower, Stan Mikita, Dave Keon, Bobby Hull and Bobby Orr were big stars.

It is the story of the oldtimers’ trek to the different cities and towns, as far north as Yellowknife and Whitehorse. It is a fun read.

Here’s a story about a couple who went to a therapist for counselling. The wife was listing every problem they had in 15 years of marriage and she went on and on about lack of intimacy, feeling unloved, emptiness.

The therapist walked over to the wife and asked her to stand and he then embraced and kissed her passionately.

The therapist then turned to the husband and said, “This is what your wife needs three times a week. Can you do this?”

The husband thought for a moment and replied, “Well, I can drop her off here on Mondays and Wednesdays but on Fridays I play golf.”