Talk, and listen, to animals

Aldergrove's Silver Star Stables will host Talking With Animals, an event that's a little out of the ordinary.

Aldergrove’s Silver Star Stables will host Talking With Animals, an event that’s a little out of the ordinary.

Reisa Mary Stone “talks” to animals. That’s not unusual for most pet lovers. Except, Reisa hears them reply. At Silver Star’s event, she’ll teach others to awaken their intuitive gift of animal communication.

We’ve all seen a group of horses or birds wheel gracefully, in perfect synch. Maybe you’ve known who was calling before we picked up the phone. Silent messages are constantly passed among living creatures, and we need only to tap into the newly-defined “quantum hologram” to hear or sense them.

Anyone who would like to participate in the Talking With Animals workshop needs to prepare a clear photo of their pet. As Einstein proved, there is no space or time, so we can communicate with pets even without their physical presence. As pet guardians will be present, received information can be confirmed immediately. Stone is rigorous in this.

Through Animal Communication, puzzling behavioral problems can be solved from the pet’s point of view. Stone specializes in “tough cases,” particularly focusing on animals rescued from trauma and neglect. Love is a vital component for rescue recovery; understanding the pet’s interpretation of their experience is just is important.

Stone is a seasoned facilitator who last month taught Animal Communication skills to a full house at Vancouver Pet Expo on the PNE grounds. She is a former “A” groom/trainer (including Spruce Meadows) and veterinary assistant, and a multi-species animal trainer. When speaking with pets, she guides their guardians to not only empathy, but real world solutions.

This workshop on Sunday, May 6, 2-4 p.m., costs $40 and lasts two hours.

Registration is through Horsemanship From the Heart trainer Christa Miremadi at: or see website:

More information about Animal Communication is at