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Two abandoned Langley dogs need dental care

Officers of the local animal protection society found the two dogs had serious medical issues
Heidi and Hazel were found by the Langley Animal Protection Society in rough shape. The society is hoping raise $9,000 for their dental treatment. (Special to Langley Advance Times)

Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) is hoping to raise $9,000 to provide two abandoned dogs with much-needed dental care.

When officers of the local animal welfare organization found two dogs wandering the streets of Langley less than 10 minutes apart, it was clear that the pair had been left to fend for themselves.

Despite the best efforts, LAPS couldn’t track down their owner.

Since then, LAPS and its community veterinarians have been working to help the dogs get healthy again.

Now named Heidi and Hazel, the pups have “truly overcome so much in the last three months.”

When they first arrived at the society’s shelter, it was discovered they were battling skin infections, ear infections, and dental problems.

“Nobody could have anticipated the scene we walked into,” shared Maddison Joyce, manager of animal welfare at Langley Animal Protection Society.

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No warning signs or previously noted medical conditions were noted on Thursday, Jan. 27. But, two days later, on Sunday morning, when LAPS animal care attendants walked in, they found Hazel vomiting and eliminating large amounts of blood.

Lethargic and clearly in immense pain, she was rushed to Central Langley Pet Hospital.

“We really thought we were going to lose her,” said Joyce. “Thanks to the incredible veterinary team and Hazel’s fighting spirit, she has pulled through.”

It was later discovered that Hazel was suffering from hemorrhagic gastroenteritis – a rare disease of unknown cause.

The Central Langley Pet Hospital team was able to nurse her back to health, despite experiencing a condition that very few dogs survive.

With Hazel fully recovered, she and Heidi are ready to move to the next steps of their veterinary care, including dental care and extractions that will decrease the amount of pain they are in, explained Joyce.

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Jennifer Schroeder, director of philanthropy and communications, said the hope is that the community will come together to support Heidi and Hazel in their recovery and treatment.

“Cases like this are one of the greatest expenses we face; to provide care for both dogs, we anticipate an expense of more than $9,000,” she explained.

To donate, people can visit or call 604-857-5055.


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