The Get Stuffed” crew will be filming the Farmyard Challenge at Aldergrove Fair Days for broadcast on Outdoor Life Network.

The Get Stuffed” crew will be filming the Farmyard Challenge at Aldergrove Fair Days for broadcast on Outdoor Life Network.

‘Get stuffed’ at the Fair

The Get Stuffed” crew will be filming the Farmyard Challenge at Aldergrove Fair Days for broadcast on Outdoor Life Network.

Another TV special is coming to Aldergrove.

Outdoor Life Network’s newest show “Get Stuffed” is coming to Aldergrove on the 21st and 22nd of July for an episode featuring the Aldergrove Fair Days according to OLN’s story producer Gillian Mahoney.

“Get Stuffed immerses us in the fascinating world of bizarre international competitions,” says Mahoney. “Trash-talking rivals push their mental and physical limits to best each other in feats of strength, endurance, and weird-ass stuff. Winning is everything and losing means surviving a gut-busting epic meal of gastronomical proportions.”

In this unique 13-part 30 minute series, never-before-televised events – including ostrich racing, worm charming, redneck games and the testicle festival – share centre stage with unique food creations, with hilarious and unexpected results. Who will lift the trophy, and command the respect of the locals? And who will have to eat more than just humble pie?

Aldergrove Fair Days president Robin McIntosh says that the OLN will send Joshua Rice and Kalyn Miles to compete against locals in the Fast Draw contest and in the Farmhand Challenge.

“We are excited to have them here,” says McIntosh. “This will bring a lot of publicity for the fair. To add to the excitement we have ramped up the Farmhand Challenge to include some new events and added twists to last years events.”

To give Aldergrovians an advantage, organizer Mike Robinson has provided some details on the games so locals can practice. He suggests emailing any questions to and they will be answered within 24 hours.


Who is Aldergrove’s champion farmhand? Try your skills at these entertaining games – many designed to replicate old-school farm work. The challenge operates over Saturday and Sunday of the fair with the winners being announced on Sunday.

All games are set up so that two compete at the same time, and both players scores are recorded. People can enter as often as they wish, for a small fee. The best in each game receive a prize. The best overall (shortest total time) go on to mechanical bull riding and then a shootout at the fast draw to choose the grand champion.

The challenge is open to all people aged 16 and older. There is no handicapping as the games are designed to be equal opportunity.

A leader board at each game will show the progress – people have to be at fair at 3 p.m. Sunday to claim their prize. There will be seven games.


Sponsored by Diamond Bar Equipment, this is a development from last year’s very popular leaf blower soccer. The objective is to blow seven beachballs from a holding area into a pen 40 metres away using a leafblower, in the shortest possible time. The twist is that in the process of blowing them they will spread so competitors will need to run around to keep them “herded.”


Sponsored by Diamond Bar Equipment, the course is slalom, plus a backing section to finish. Competitors will be using a new style of zero-turn mower which is very manoeuvrable, but steers with a steering wheel. The backing section is like a garage and very close to the exact size of the mower. Above it is horizontal rail with small bucket of water so that if a post is hit, the rail will twist and dump out the water on the driver.


This contest uses very realistic teats made from latex filled via a milk jug. They are mounted on a two wooden cows. The challenge is to milk as much as you can in two minutes.


How many milk crates can you stack one on top of the other in one minute? You have to stay on the ground, but a safety hat will be supplied!


Pick up about 100 “potatoes” scattered in a swath about one foot wide and 20 feet long on the ground. A potato sack and a belt hook for dragging the sack between your legs will be supplied, just like the oldtimers used 50 years ago. Total weight of the “potatoes” will be about 50 pounds so strength will not be important – just quick hands.


How quickly can you hang a couple of sheets, a pair of long-johns and other very assorted laundry? It is a skill used less and less these days, so it will be interesting to see if the men do as well as the women.


Picking up free range eggs was always a bit of an adventure. In this game you will be given four real eggs to carry in your hands over a farm-style obstacle course. Quickest time with no breakages is the winner.