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VIDEO: Aldor Acres pumpkin patch draws thousands

Hay wagon rides at the family farm are the most popular, but there is so much more

For 34 years now, Aldor Acres farm has been a Halloween destination for families that enjoy wandering through the pumpkin patch together picking out a perfect holiday decoration.

This year isn’t any different.

Melissa Anderson, manager of the family farm, has welcomed thousands of people to the 80-acre Glen Valley farm already this year.

People can find her at the food shack on the opposite side of the entrance, where she serves as head barbecuer, cooking and selling hotdogs, snacks, pumpkin pies, boiled corn, and more.

In addition to food being served up, the farm has dozens of holiday activities to offer, and the community is loving it, Anderson said.

There is a farm market, open-air animal interactions, the pumpkins patches, and more to take in. But hay wagon rides are the most popular, shared Anderson.

“Hay rides are really nice. They loop around the farm, take you to pumpkin patch, and back to the garden,” she explained.

At the patch, families have thousands of gourds to choose from.

Those who are not comfortable taking a ride on the wagon can purchase pumpkins at the entrance or even bring their own bags to carry pumpkins from the field by foot.

While the farm grows thousands of pumpkins for Halloween, not all are picked by the guests. Those failing to impress families become dinner for the farm cows and pigs.

“And [the pigs and cows] love it,” she said with a grin.

In addition, the farm also has ducks, goats, donkeys, chickens, sheep, bunnies, emus, and horses. These animals never fail to attract little kids, who love petting them.

For instance, Coquitlam’s Francesco Belladonna, who came with his family, enjoyed all the activities, but the animals were their favourite.

“My son, Ricardo, loved it,” he said, noting it was the first time the baby saw a horse up close.

“It was an enormous horse,” Belladonna commented.

The family enjoyed their day, and “even the rain didn’t bother the them.”

Working behind the scenes on this month-long event – which runs until Monday, Oct. 31 – is a team of more than 60 people, which Melissa said works night and day.

The group includes members of the Anderson family, neighbours, and some community members who want to help.

“It is a great team effort,” she said.

Melissa concluded by thanking the Langley community for their support through the past 34 years.

“We feel honoured to be part of the community. Thank you so much for your support.”

Those wanting to visit Aldor Acres before Halloween are encouraged to pre-purchase tickets online at

Drive-thru and pick-up options are also available from the farm, which is located at 24990 84th Ave.

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