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VIDEO: Aldergrove elementary marked 10th annual Dollar Sale

Shortreed Elementary’s PAC holds sales in the spring and fall

Everything from a Spiderman costume to a train set was for sale for $1 at Shortreed Elementary’s 10th twice-annual Dollar Sale on Friday, April 26.

The sale is run by the parent advisory council (PAC) as one of its key fundraisers, and the money from Friday’s sale is earmarked for an outdoor shelter area at the school.

As the day went on, shoppers could buy four things for $1, and then in the last hour of the sale they could buy 10 items for $1, explained PAC member Cashmere Roder.

“We received donations from everyone… people get really excited about coming and getting a good deal for a dollar,” she said.

Local businesses like Toy Central donated some items, and anything leftover will be given to the Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation Thrift Store.

“Over the years, we have paid for our playground. We have bought sports equipment,” she added. “We have helped the kids being able to go on field trips and have performers and entertainment come into the school.”

The twice yearly sale has been a winning formula for the PAC, allowing it to help out the school in various ways, including providing food.

The school borrowed the idea from Parkside Elementary, which held a dollar sale several years ago. It started with a Shortreed dollar sale one Christmas and was adopted in the twice yearly occurrence in April and November. The pricing gives the customers predictability and makes it a bit easier on organizers since they don’t have to attach price tags to each item.

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